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QC Integrated Solutions builds and distributes automated testers designed to perform the compliance testing required by manufacturers of disposable AED and ECG electrodes. 

Known as the industry standard, our SEAM Electrode Test Platforms are used in 25 countries to provide quality assurance professionals with the critical electrical data they require.

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Advantages of Automated Compliance Testing

- ECG Electrode Example -

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In House Built ECG Electrode Testing Method



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The Automated SEAM ECG

Test Platform



Equipment Required




User Skill Required


Time Required

Electrode Electrical Properties Test (DCO, ACZ, 4x SDR, ACZ)

on a 12 Electrode Pair Sample






Downtime Risk

Test Frequency

Effect on Wastage






Savings Realized

Power Supply         Oscilloscope

Multimeter             Custom Circuitry



Electrical and/or Biomedical Engineer

Performed by:  Engineer

Test Time:  15 minutes per pair of Electrodes, total time for 12 pairs of electrodes:      3 hours

Note: Engineer required for entire 3 hour test

Each piece of equipment and custom circuitry requires regular calibrations that usually require shipping equipment offsite causing downtimes of 2-3 weeks


Failure of any piece of equipment or customized circuitry halts testing and therefore stops production.

Due to the time required to complete Electrode Electrical Properties Testing on proper sized sample sets, entire production runs are usually tested after completion to verify EC12 conformance before release.  This risks entire production runs being disposed of.




Lower initial equipment purchase price.

SEAM ECG Test Platform



Quality Assurance Technician

Performed by:

Quality Assurance Technician

Test Time: Connect the 12 pairs of electrodes and initiate the test sequence, total time for 12 pairs of electrodes:    6 Minutes

Each channel can be calibrated on site by the Quality Assurance Technician annually in under 10 minutes.

Due to our modular design, if any of the SEAM test channels fail they can be removed from the bus without tools and sent out for repair while the remaining channel continue to function.

As Electrode Electrical Properties Testing can be completed on up to 32 pairs of electrodes simultaneously in 6 minutes, users can perform frequent testing during manufacturing runs and make adjustments more frequently to reduce wastage.

Less expensive manpower:

Engineer vs Technician.

Less manpower time:

3 hours vs 6 minutes (12 pair batch test)

Less downtime during calibration: 

3 weeks offsite vs 10 minutes onsite.

Reduced wastage:

Due to quick and frequent testing.




The SEAM 2-4 Biphasic AED Electrode Tester has been designed to perform the compliance testing on disposable AED electrodes using a biphasic defibrillation waveform, in accordance with the ANSI/AAMI/IEC 60601-2-4:2018 (Sections 201.108.1 – 4, 6, 10c) with the inclusion of Pacing.


"We rely on QC Integrated Solutions and their SEAM ECG Electrode Platform systems to provide us with the electrical data that is required to meet our customer's stringent electrical requirements."  -  Select Engineering Inc.


The SEAM ECG Electrode Test Platform is a system designed to test ECG Electrodes to the ANSI/AAMI EC12:2000/(R)2015 standard. This robust and reliable system will perform any or all of the EC12 required tests on up to 32 electrodes in parallel. 


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We work in a highly competitive field, so we’re constantly investing in technology and research to make sure we stay ahead of the curve. Our commitment to quality guarantees our success and your satisfaction.

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Automated, Consistent, and Dependable Quality Control Testing



The SEAM-AC is an easy to use web-based automated calibration system designed to provide the capability to perform SEAM unit calibrations on-site without QC Integrated's authorized personnel.


The Windows based software steps the user through the calibration sequence. Once the 5 minute channel calibration process is complete, a final calibration report is sent via email to the operator.


The SEAM10 TENS Electrode Tester has been designed to test the impedance of TENS Electrodes under a wide range of current pulse inputs. 


Since there is no approved standard for determining the acceptable impedance/performance of TENS electrodes, the basis of the SEAM10 is derived from the AAMI NS4:1986/(R)2009 Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator Standard.


Customer demand has driven us to put together a SEAM Turn-key Package that allows you to get everything you need for smaller capacity testing. 


The package consists of a 4 channel SEAM Tester, SEAM-AC Calibrator (not shown in picture), snap type test leads and a Laptop computer with all applicable SEAM Software installed and verified (power and communication cables included).  Everything you need to get set up and testing in minutes. 


The 4 Channel unit can be purchased with an optional 12 channel bus, allowing a seamless transition from development to full production capacity.