Select Engineering is one of the world’s largest producers of molded plastic silver/silver chloride coated ECG Sensors which are used in heart monitoring and other bio-instrumental procedures.

At Select Engineering Inc. we are a dedicated group of individuals whose years of experience have kept us a step ahead of our competition as a leading manufacturer of disposable Silver/ Silver Chloride Coated Electrode Sensors of various types. Our exceptional product is distributed world-wide for many applications and our yearly part distribution exceeds billions of pieces.


It is through our commitment to a quality product, continual improvement, external provider commitment, on time delivery, team member focus and strong customer relations that allows us to maintain our status as a world class manufacturer.


At Select Engineering our guidelines are simple “provide product that exceeds our customer’s expectations”.  To provide these high quality products, we rely on QC Integrated Solutions and their SEAM ECG systems to provide us with the electrical data that is required to meet our customer’s stringent electrical requirements. These systems play a significant role during our development stages and production of many high volume precision products. QC Integrated Systems plays an integral part of our process and ensures that only the best is provided to our customers. They have been a very valuable and reliable partner/provider in our continued success of providing quality product. Their team consists of highly skilled individuals with many years of experience in the electrode industry, who are always available for any assistance that you may need.