The SEAM 2-4 Biphasic AED Electrode Tester has been designed to perform the compliance testing on disposable AED electrodes using a biphasic defibrillation waveform, in accordance with the ANSI/AAMI/IEC 60601-2-4:2018 (Sections 201.108.1 – 4, 6, 10c) with the inclusion of Pacing.


The test system is available in a 4 or 12 Channel configuration. In operation, the SEAM 2-4 unit is composed of multiple independent channels. In the event of a channel failure, this has no impact on the remaining channels and the modular design allows this to be swapped out with a spare channel.  


Designed for testing of both adult and pediatric AED Electrodes the SEAM 2-4 utilizes a 360J/100J  defibrillator pulse source (provided by Megapulse Biphasic P 360/100J, CE rated, from Compliance West, USA), this robust and reliable fully automated system will perform any or all of the 60601-2-4 required tests on up to 12 AED gel-to-gel electrode pairs.

Compact and User Friendly

 The SEAM 2-4 Test Platform was designed to allow for benchtop use. With a standard USB data interface, the system software can easily be installed on most Windows based operating systems.

 Reports generation has never been easier with the automated report generator function of the software. Record keeping is made easy though quick and painless publishing of test results in a standard electronic format.

Trouble Free Operation

 As with the entire SEAM tester line, the SEAM 2-4 is designed to operate reliably under the most demanding of conditions. Each of the test channels are independent, and easily replaced for either calibration or maintenance. Removal of individual channels requires no tools, and the system will continue to operate with as many channels as are populated, while others are removed for calibration and/or maintenance.


 QC Integrated Solutions also offers design and testing services that will enable you to customize the operations according to your requirements.