The SEAM-AC is an easy to use web-based automated calibration system designed to provide the capability to perform SEAM unit calibrations on-site without QC Integrated's authorized personnel. The Windows based software steps the user through the calibration sequence. Once the 5 minute channel calibration process is complete, a final calibration report is sent via email to the operator.


Calibration Flexibility


The graphical user interface provides the user with a standard windows interface to perform all of the verification/calibration activities. Features include:


  • 3 Calibration modes: SEAM-AC Update, Calibrate and Verify, Calibrate only

  • 2 or 3 point Calibration

  • Free Training Mode

  • An automated wizard style of menus to navigate the user.

  • PDF based calibration record and unit calibration

  • Integrated Calibration Label