The SEAM10 TENS Electrode Tester has been designed to test the impedance of TENS Electrodes under a wide range of current pulse inputs. Since there is no approved standard for determining the acceptable impedance/performance of TENS electrodes, the basis of the SEAM10 is derived from the AAMI NS4:1986/(R)2009 Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator Standard.


In operation, the SEAM10 unit is connected to a computer to allow the user to set test parameter for up to 3 stored test conditions. Users can define:

  • Pulse characteristics:

    • Amplitude

    • Pulse width

    • Pulse Frequency

  • Operational Time:

    • Single point measurement (~5sec)

    • 3 Point measurement (user defined duration: minimum 30sec)

  • Pass/Fail Impedance Limit

  • Pass Warning Impedance Limit

Once programmed, the user can select any one of the 3 pre-programmed sequences. At the conclusion of the run the unit will display the impedance, PASS/FAIL indication and the defined test limit.

As a safety measure, the SEAM10 also includes a lid sensor to disable testing if the lid is opened at any point in the test sequence.

The SEAM10 has two different electrode interfaces for user flexibility. For single electrode tests, the TENS electrode is attached to a metallic plate then to the 0.080" pin. Dual electrode test are performed with the two TENS electrodes (gel-to-gel) with both leads connected to 0.080" pins.